Mechatronic Test Systems

Mechatronics Test Systems are systems that test the mechanical strength of products, material fatigue characteristics under dynamic loads, thermal properties, resistance to extreme thermal conditions, performance of electronic components, response to magnetic fields and any other quality desired to be measured according to a specified procedure. The stabilization of product qualities for modern industry is one of the strongest multipliers of the total quality index. Both raw materials and final products must be tested at certain periods.

With the Mechatronics Test Units we have developed as the Spectre Robotics family, we ensure that your raw materials and products are tested with high precision according to global norms. Our systems, which have a microcomputer infrastructure, save the test results on the internal database. Thanks to our web-based reporting interface, the results can be followed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. In addition, our test systems can be integrated into existing ERP systems in line with the demands of our customers.

A large number of test systems we have developed to date are already serving industry institutions. Some of these are those :

  • Aluminum Facade Seismic Test System
  • Aluminum Facade Thermal Test System
  • LPG Injector Timing Test System
  • LPG Injector Thermal Test System
  • Stroke Measurement and Automatic Adjustment Systems
  • Precision Current Measurement Systems
  • Thermal Detection Systems
  • Leakage Gas Detection Systems
  • Exproof Weight Measurement Systems
  • Area Violation Detection Systems