Robots are programmable sophisticated machines that can assist humans or imitate human actions. Robots were originally built to tackle monotonous tasks (like building a car on an assembly line). However, thanks to the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence, revolutionary breakthroughs in the world of image processing and accelerated communication channels, it has become possible to successfully perform much more complex tasks by robots. Each robot has a different level of autonomy, from human-controlled bots performing tasks over which a human has full control, to fully autonomous bots performing tasks without any outside influence. In addition, robots have different degrees of freedom according to their kinematic capabilities. Modern robots have their own operating systems and are popularly coded in python to perform the choreography required by their mission.

As the Spectre Robotics family, we offer robots with different degrees of freedom, autonomy levels and capabilities to the service of the industry. By robotizing your production, we first reduce your personnel dependency. We prevent your product standards from differing between shifts. We prevent your quality from fluctuating depending on the experience level and motivation of the personnel on the production line. In summary, we ensure that your routine production operation is carried out by smart machines that work day and night, offering the same quality level at all times, and that can be remotely controlled, and that your company's human resources can be utilized in more qualified jobs.

With our robotic applications, we ensure that machines work in the field in environments that threaten human health, in high-risk processes in terms of occupational safety, and that your personnel can be located in a safe and healthy environment and manage your operation remotely when human control is required.